Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Get a “YES” by making things easy for your Business Intelligence Leads

More often than not the decision maker’s objection pertains to their company’s lack of time and necessary resources to purchase and implement your product right now. It’s either they’re halfway through a major project, merging with another company, moving office, changing management, etc.

This can usually be overcome by making them understand how simple the installation process really is, how your company will train their people until they have mastered its use, or how making time to do this now can save them a huge amount of time later on. You will have an easier time resolving the issue if it’s mainly logistics by nature. The real problem is when the prospective client is up to his neck with other matters that requires his undivided attention. When this happens, there can never be a good time to even consider what you are proposing.

You can try the following approaches which may work during software lead generation:

Make your product relevant to his other priorities. Implementation will be a lot easier if you can convince the decision maker that your product will help him accomplish his other priorities sooner, saving him time and money. For instance, installing a new phone system will be easier if he buys your new computer system.

Offer a quick fix solution if possible. Major overhaul in organizations usually takes a toll on everyone from top to bottom. In hospitals for example who need to fix their system for an extended period greatly aggravates and puts their doctors in a lot of inconvenience. This is your chance to show him how purchasing your hospital software that is doctor-friendly can improve the situation in a reasonable amount of time, like a month or so.

Make a good impression with those having clout. If you can get to someone in the organization that has great charisma and influence, who can turn things around and rearrange company priorities- go for it. He is the best person to lobby your cause and convince the other decision makers to make the purchase.

Timing, reasonable pricing and payment plans, and talking to the right people when carefully planned and executed can increase your chances of getting in. When they know they can trust you and your product, you’re as good as sold.
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