Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lessons in Telemarketing From Speed Dating

Speed dating was created for the purpose of single people to meet other single people. Since partners are selected at random, there's no telling who you'd end up meeting during the event. One other thing is that rounds are short so you get to know your partner within just a few short minutes. In a way, we can liken speed dating to how we do outbound telemarketing.

In China, speed dating has been used for business purposes. Business people would meet each other to see whether they shared the same business goals and synergies. It was also quite a nifty tool to have focused private meetings with targeted groups in a small amount of time.

So what could lead generation campaigns done through telemarketing learn from speed dating? Well, here's a few ideas for you to digest.

Keep calling and you'll get lucky.

In speed dating you get the chance to meet all sorts of new people. One way or another you may just find someone you're going to be very compatible with. Basically put, you'll get lucky in the end and find somebody who's a match with you.

In doing telemarketing, even with a calling list in hand, you're never going to be sure if you're going to be landing a call with a prospect that gets interested in the products and services you offer right from the moment you mention them. As such, we can say that like in speed dating, keep calling and you're bound to get lucky.

Keep your conversations brief.

When you're moving from table to table in a speed dating event you really can't help but have to keep conversations brief because your time with your partners is limited. The same can be said when executing a cold calling campaign. Your time with your prospects is limited.

Keep in mind that the people you are calling are business professionals with schedules that probably filled with meeting after meeting (along with the occasional dental appointment); they can't afford to be stuck in a call with you unless it's quite important. Also, keeping your conversation brief allows you to say only what needs to be said about your products - medical software, hr software, payroll software, accounting software, scm software, SAP, Oracle, SAGE - and services. In the end, if your prospect wants to learn more, you're entitled to connect with them further.

Keep meeting new people.

Speed dating was originally created to help Jewish singles meet and marry. In a way, it can be said that telemarketing was created for the same thing – minus the part about marriage and religion of course. In generating software sales leads through telemarketing, you definitely have to keep calling new people in order to find interested prospects for your business. Pretty much like meeting dozens of new people through speed dating, eh?

See? Speed dating does have a few lessons which can be applied to outbound telemarketing. Keep calling, keep meeting new people and in the end you may just get lucky!
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