Friday, December 21, 2012

Appointment Setting Tips – When You're Snowed In, Plan!

Sometimes your appointment setting campaign can be in the exact same boat as a farmer or even a hunter. When winter comes, there is a lot less work getting done in the field as both game and grain are out for the season. Likewise, all your prospects seem to be either less interested or too preoccupied because of the holiday season.

Seasons Are Still Not Reasons For Zero Appointment Setting Activities

However, even farmers and hunters do something related to their trade regardless if a season works against them (or even traps them in its own blizzard). Your business should not be any less productive. There are a lot of other appointment setting tasks you can accomplish while waiting out the snowstorm.

  • Review the past year – Like all businesses, you can take the time to summarize your appointment setting performance for the entire year. How many software appointments did you generate each month? What tactics did you use? How much have you spent versus how many sales you made? These are just some of the common questions you can ask yourself and your subordinates when a season of cold interest in business software has frozen the usual appointment setting activities.

  • Do not neglect any current or incoming sales leads – Sometimes, even in the harshest winter, travelers could still be hurrying to places so as to finish up the last entries on their holiday shopping list. A part of appointment setting services should still be on standby in case a prospect like that makes a call. You may not be actively searching for any new B2B leads but that does not mean you should not be ready to serve. Qualifying and getting ready to serve them can still add something to your productivity.

  • Discuss what needs to be changed – What appointment setting strategies have you tried in the previous year? Which one of them worked and which one could have worked out better? Were particular methods, tools, or approaches of any help? A B2B appointment setting process can consist of numerous phases and a variety of communication channels. Not all of them can work for all businesses. The success of future appointment setting strategies could depend on what you discard as much as what you retain.

  • You could also just relax for a bit – If you have had a good year and the results of your current appointment setting campaign are not all too shabby. It is like a farmer who feels content with his harvest and is happily stocked up for the winter. Perhaps that is what your appointment setting services really need. When things are going well and the shortcomings are not worth straining everyone's holiday plans, why not take the time to slow down? You never know what kind of inspiration you will get after a small breather.

It would be very unrealistic to believe that ever factor in appointment setting is directly in your control. It is like the weather. You can predict it and prepare for it but you cannot manipulate it. Hence, when you are not getting a lot of software sales leads, start planning how to get more once the blizzard passes!
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