Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Locked-Up Lead Generation Contracts – Is It Any Good?

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Have you ever considered hiring a lead generation company? If you have, then you perhaps already know about how you need to go into contract with them. Of course, no business can occur between two companies without some written document stating that you two are indeed working together. However, did you know that a thing such as a contract could seriously hamper your progress and results?

We're all aiming to get some long-term business deals. A smart businessman knows that the best type of business is one that yields continuous profits. And what better way to secure a constant inflow of cash than with ensuring your business with one of your clients? Well, you're not the only one who's aiming to secure a long-term business contract with your prospects; your lead generation company seeks one with you as well.

So the question now is will a locked-up contract with my lead generation company affect me in any way? The answer is yes. The answer can also be either good or bad. So depending on what transpires, being limited to what you can do due to your contract may just mean something positive or negative for your company.

Want to know how your company could be affected? Here's what you should know.

A locked-up contract limits your lead generation capabilities.

A contract that states a period of time in which you need to remain working with a single company is a locked-up contract. This document states that you cannot work with another similar entity and that you must finish the agreed upon lock-in time before doing business with another provider.

The main problem here is that if your contract is locked-up with a single company, your results are affected. If your chosen lead generation company doesn't perform well, then you can expect to get only a small amount of leads and even have them be of poor quality. Since you're contracted to them, you can't cancel their services and switch to a new provider. This severely limits your lead generation capabilities.

A locked-up contract may mean loss of money.

A contract with a single lead generator is good only when it gives a positive ROI. However, when the opposite occurs, you will be losing money instead. The main reason why you want to get more business to business leads is that you want to close more sales. Well, you won't get to do that when you only have a few leads to work with and if they leads generated are of poor quality.

A locked-up contract not only possibly affects your lead gen results but can now also affect your revenue. Losing money is never a good thing for any business.

If the above two scenarios happen, you're company may not really fall into the red however you can just imagine how it will affect your sales. If you are already down in the dumps and want to make a final push to your raise your company up, you certainly cannot have this happen to you.

When it comes to sales lead generation, a locked-up contract is only good when you know that your provider can bring back good results. As such, always make sure to work with a reliable lead generation company that can answer your need for good leads.

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