Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Improve Your Software Telemarketing Campaign

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Software companies that want to get more software leads often employ the use of software telemarketing into their marketing campaigns. As a lead generator, telemarketing remains to be among one of the best ways in which to acquire high-quality leads. However, results can vary and success with a telemarketing campaign is never assured.

One major reason as to why a telemarketing campaign fails is due to lack of preparation. In order for you to improve your software telemarketing campaign, you are going to have to make sure that you prepare for it before your campaign even starts. In order to help you out, this post will tell you about the key parts of your campaign which you need to look out to improve your results with using telemarketing to acquire software leads for your company.

As said in the opening paragraph of this post, success with telemarketing is never assured. However, you can make a difference just by making sure you are well-prepared before the launch of your campaign. So to help improve your software telemarketing campaign, here are the key areas which you need to take a look at.

Take a look at how prospects are finding your company.

Some of your software leads may be generated through inbound marketing means. As such, these leads are like a top priority for you since your prospects who have found your company through your inbound marketing efforts already express a certain form of interest in your product/service. Leads generated through inbound marketing are often easier to deal with and are farther along the buying cycle thus making them close to being sales-ready prospects in the future.

Take a look at how your prospects come across your company. By learning which form of marketing brought them to you as leads, you can come up with better approaches when you use telemarketing to pursue your leads.

Take a look at your call script.

Words really do hold power when it comes to generating leads through telemarketing. A simple change in the words you use can either get you better results or get you less desirable ones. As such, take some time to go over your call script. Take a look at words which you think are “trigger words” that makes red flags pop up when you mention them. A word such as “free” may sound great to some people however to some it just means that there's a catch behind the “free offer”.

Are there any words in your call script which you think shouldn't be in there? Are you getting better results by having certain words placed in your spiel? If so, find out what those words are in your call script and edit it to achieve better results.

Take a look at your target market.

Sometimes the problem with the results you get from software telemarketing could very well lie in the industry you target. Some markets are just not places in which telemarketing is effective. One good example of this is when you compare B2C telemarketing to B2B telemarketing. General consumers have a negative view on telemarketers and find them to be pests as opposed to businesspeople who see the value that a telemarketing has to their companies in terms of lead generation.

Just because you are in the field of B2B does not mean that you will succeed in using software telemarketing though. There are still a few markets in which using telemarketing will not yield good results. Take some time to investigate your target market and see if this type of lead generation approach truly works within it.

Using software telemarketing to get leads never guarantees you success, however proper preparation for your campaign and investigation on its key parts will get you better results from your campaign.

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