Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Locked-Up Lead Generation Contracts – Is It Any Good?

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Have you ever considered hiring a lead generation company? If you have, then you perhaps already know about how you need to go into contract with them. Of course, no business can occur between two companies without some written document stating that you two are indeed working together. However, did you know that a thing such as a contract could seriously hamper your progress and results?

We're all aiming to get some long-term business deals. A smart businessman knows that the best type of business is one that yields continuous profits. And what better way to secure a constant inflow of cash than with ensuring your business with one of your clients? Well, you're not the only one who's aiming to secure a long-term business contract with your prospects; your lead generation company seeks one with you as well.

So the question now is will a locked-up contract with my lead generation company affect me in any way? The answer is yes. The answer can also be either good or bad. So depending on what transpires, being limited to what you can do due to your contract may just mean something positive or negative for your company.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Improve Your Software Telemarketing Campaign

software telemarketing, software leads, telemarketing
Software companies that want to get more software leads often employ the use of software telemarketing into their marketing campaigns. As a lead generator, telemarketing remains to be among one of the best ways in which to acquire high-quality leads. However, results can vary and success with a telemarketing campaign is never assured.

One major reason as to why a telemarketing campaign fails is due to lack of preparation. In order for you to improve your software telemarketing campaign, you are going to have to make sure that you prepare for it before your campaign even starts. In order to help you out, this post will tell you about the key parts of your campaign which you need to look out to improve your results with using telemarketing to acquire software leads for your company.

As said in the opening paragraph of this post, success with telemarketing is never assured. However, you can make a difference just by making sure you are well-prepared before the launch of your campaign. So to help improve your software telemarketing campaign, here are the key areas which you need to take a look at.
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