Monday, April 30, 2012

Tips From Professional Telemarketers On Maximizing Social Media Information

Social media sites like Facebook have been hailed as another new way for companies to engage their customers (perhaps even more closely than ever). With over millions of users, Facebook (along with Twitter, Digg etc) are places where many consumers are at. It's another way to give brands exposure and inform people of new products.

With that in mind, it's not surprising that CRM software developers are all the way up there with using social media. Their computer technology was meant to help the business-to-consumer connection. It's only expected of them to find some way to integrate social media into their product's features, one way or another.

But wait, what about using social media for getting B2B leads as well? If social media is one way to engage target markets, why can't you use it to target your own leads?

Well while it's a good idea, Facebook may not be the best place to try it.

First off, as a B2B software firm, do you really need to search through the millions of Facebook users when your target market takes up only a very small percent of the population? It's not likely is it? However, you'd be happy to know that there are other sites best suited for that purpose. Sites like LinkedIn can serve as a very good example.

The problem with Facebook is that it's heavily consumer oriented and when people update, it's more likely to be something personal or at least not business-oriented (like a recent game achievement, certain random things they did for the day, or pictures of family and friends).

Frankly, you need to frequent sites often visited by your target decision makers and not guys who just post random pictures from 9gag. In fact, you'd be surprised to learn that some of the companies that have managed to gain a lot from B2B social networking are telemarketing services.

Do remember that generating leads requires plenty of info and it doesn't matter whether these leads are for you as their client or for themselves. So long as they can have something good to start with (like a phone number or even an email address) they can get to work. In LinkedIn, contact information like that abounds so long as you have the connections.

The phone though still shines its brightest when it's finally used to engage a prospect but that engagement now comes faster because they've used social media and the internet to help both parties get familiar. Those are just some of the ways that telemarketers have come to use social media information.

It's gone so far that some of them have even begun referring their call centers to contact centers because there's now more contact information available between businesses because of social networking. Now whether you outsource these people or try it out on your own, perhaps the best thing to do right now is simply see it for yourself. When you're using social media for B2B, use it as a source of contact information and then integrate additional methods of contacting and engaging your targets.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Software Lead Generation - Putting Pieces Together

Many people seem to take for granted that the things around them are made up of different kinds of raw materials. Even if it's something like a small teaspoon made entirely of metal, that metal could have been smelted from numerous mined ores.

Such is the life course of raw materials known as the supply chain. By themselves, raw components may not amount to much. However, when innovative minds put them together, the things they create are as wondrous as they are complex.

Alas, innovative these minds may be, they may not be necessarily smart enough to undertake the task of locating these materials and oversee the entire chain of transformation and assembly single-handed. This is the urgent case of many big businesses. With a never ending demand for raw materials and the undertaking of managing so many other partners to utilize them, not even great manpower is sufficient to control it all.

Fortunately, that is the very purpose of supply chain management software (or SCM for short). This software alone possesses the accuracy and vast comprehension needed to help manage the supply chain. The developers of such software only have the utmost duty to procure it.

However, even if they did, how will they know who to give it to? Creating software to manage something as lengthy and complicated as a supply chain is such a task in of itself that developers become business organizations of their own. Just as it is taxing for one company to expend extra resources to manage its supply chains, it is also taxing for developers to have people find parties interested in their software.

Now enter a telemarketing company that specializes in finding leads for such software companies. With them, lies the solution. Whilst SCM software developers can aid companies in controlling their supply chain, software telemarketing companies aid these developers in introducing them to those most in need of their help.

With both companies and developers strongly preferring to focus on what they do best, its up to the telemarketing firms to bring them together. Their task is to bring together those who have the pieces with those who can help them best in putting said pieces together.

Gathering suppliers of raw components and manufacturers is already a mean feat for one large company. The same could be said for developers who devote their knowledge creating software geared for controlling it all. Leaving either of them to the task of finding their right counterparts risks a very painful strain and could force them to develop in areas that they were never meant to specialize in.

Having a telemarketing company to generate the software leads for the developers can lift the burden off both their shoulders. These companies only promise the most accurate and promising leads for their clients. Their agents and research resources can far outclass that of the small teams and departments companies form to generate leads.

Just as both parties perform best when focused in their respective tasks, a telemarketing firm does best when focused on its own: bringing them all together.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Combat Laziness With Lead Generation Services

You know what they say? You reap what you sow. In the business world, that truth really knows how to hit people hard. Seriously, how can you expect to get something from nothing? There is no such thing as a free lunch. One way or another, you will always have put in some work in order to get something. That's not just an economic principle but also a scientific one. Nothing moves unless work is applied. Laziness produces nothingness. You'll have to earn a living if you ever plan on getting anywhere in life.

Even a businessmen of average experience will tell you that laziness will only kill your business in the end. The more experienced ones will go even further and say that laziness is already a sign of a business going bad. Why? It's because there's no productivity. Nobody is buying what you're selling and you're just sitting there on the counter or in your office with nothing to do. Some people would call that leisure but the truth is when you've done nothing then nothing is all you're ever going to get.

This is exactly why lead generation is so important. When people get interested in what you have to offer, then you can't afford to keep sitting. You need to get up and make sales out of them. Without sales, how do you expect your business to survive? Money doesn't grow on trees remember?

Now depending on what kind of business you are, there are two ways to go about lead generation. You usually have advertising for B2C and telemarketing for B2B. Advertising is recommended (be it TV, newspaper, or even billboard) for B2C because it broadcasts your product's image all across the public masses. Going to each person individually might not serve you well as it could annoy them. It's better to let as many people know about your product's existence as possible.

B2B telemarketing relies more on accuracy. Whilst advertising is great for targeting specified portions of the population, B2B products (e.g. HR software) might be too specialized for the average citizen. If you're marketing to someone a little higher in the corporate hierarchy and wish to have a meeting with them, then a telephone call is a more direct and professional approach for appointment setting. Don't worry about rejection or annoying these type of potential prospects. Business executives are used to making B2B-related calls all the time. Just make sure your agents or your outsourced telemarketing firm are creative and natural in their calling.

Do not let the fringe critics of advertisement or telemarketing dissuade you from being a productive business owner. The whole of the economic system depends on such productivity and in turn, it is how human civilization manages to live on. However, that productivity will not be realized if your business does not strive from constant of flow of interested clients and turning them into sales to keep your outfit running. If you can't afford to conduct those things yourself, that's still no excuse. You can always just easily outsource to appropriate advertising or telemarketing companies for a cost-efficient means of lead generation. Contact them now and combat the laziness which only brings forth death to human ventures and human society as a whole.
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