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Outsourced Telemarketing For Small Businesses

Lead generation can be a very costly venture if you're too inexperienced. In fact, the amount of investment required can easily climb up to the same amount when you were developing the products and services themselves! This poses a great deal of difficulty for B2B software companies, especially small ones that are just starting out.

Now before anything else, here's a little review. Remember that the value of lead generation lies in information. More specifically, it is relevant information needed to determine if the company you're targeting might be in need of your product. Since the clients of B2B software usually represent an entire business, you're going to be doing a lot of homework.

For the first obstacle, you need to first find out how you're going to contact these companies and who exactly you have to speak to. Who will most likely use your software everyday? The HR manager? CRM? Perhaps a company executive even? What will be your means of contact? Are you going for outbound such as email and telephone? How about more inbound-related methods like creating a website or even media advertising?

Be careful, the signs and symptoms that a company needs something like, for instance, a CRM computer system, will only reveal themselves if you know how to ask the right questions. Also, before asking questions, you might also would want to do some background checks on the company beforehand. This can equip you with some insight on what you (or your representatives) will have to say so that the gatekeepers will let you through.

Another important requirement that might eat a whole out of your pocket is database maintenance. Researching a number of individual companies can result in a heavy accumulation of information that you need to store. Furthermore, you need to store it and also develop a vigilant habit of updating it. Do take note that not all companies give answers immediately and that they might need some time before they are open to buying. You also need to exercise prudence and use whatever current information you gathered to exercise good timing. Outdated information has long known to ruin businesses via serious embarrassments and slow productivity from dried leads.

The costs of hiring personnel and technology can stretch your resources far too thin if your small B2B software company is only just starting out. And honestly, knowing how to talk to people convincingly and ask questions that don't rouse suspicion are not necessarily within the skills of computer engineers. There's also the fact that no matter how much you invest in training and buying hardware, you can't buy experience. Believe it or not, that's actually half of what makes for successful B2B lead generation. All your money will just go to waste if you or your people make to many amateur mistake.

If you want to try a cost-efficient way that saves you all this trouble, then try outsourcing. Besides, it's only logical that if you can't invest in your own money or time, then try asking the help of those who already have and furthermore, devoted themselves entirely to the practice.

For something classic and basic, try telemarketing. Emails and websites can be effective but even they sometimes aren't as direct. Lead generation services that use this method have also applied the other new alternatives of the internet age. If you outsource to them, you might actually make use of all other methods in a single package so contact one today!
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How Telemarketing Companies Can Help Reel Prospects In

Something as large and complex like supply management software could need just as much to explain it all. However, if you don't know how to carefully disseminate that information, you could end up giving your prospects too little (or too much) for them to make a decision.

Controlling the exchange of information could be what makes or breaks your software appointment setting. In fact, sometimes it can be so delicate, it requires the use of different methods and tools.

One tactic is through the use of both internet marketing and telemarketing. You have a website created featuring your company and your product after which you take the necessary measures to establish its presence on the internet (e.g. SEO, blogging, social media etc).

However, this is where you should take care in giving out the information. Instead of overloading your site with text that would take too long for a busy decision maker to read. You simply give a somewhat general yet at the same time, it's enough to get their attention for a few minutes. The web page should then invite them to learn more.

Here, you use another tool: inbound telemarketing. Unlike the usual type of telemarketing (a.k.a. outbound), inbound telemarketing is generally easier on both you and your prospect. The fact that the prospect wishes to actually speak with you (or your representative) is already one proof of qualified interest. Now all you need is to have a good deal of experience in using the phone to reel them in to make an appointment.

Then again, maybe you don't have to. You can just simply outsource to telemarketing firms today and have them reel in those SCM leads for you!

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Use Offline Lead Generation Services In Case Of Hackers

Hackers are rising in notoriety on the internet. With the prevalence of groups such as Anonymous along with illegal internet hacktivism, the threats to online security are bigger than ever. For B2B firms like those investing in ERP software, you may even have an idea of just how vulnerable you might be.

It's not surprising if a computer savvy corporation invests some heavy money in online transactions and elaborate websites to generate sales leads. It won't be surprising either if some juvenile hacker decides to crash it and vandalize your webpage as a mark of 'achievement' to his or her peers.

Why these people hack is not that big a mystery as some say. The truth is most if not all malevolent hackers do it for the joy and thrill they get out of other people's misery. What else can you expect from criminal delinquents who rely on illegal activities to boost their otherwise diminished egos?

Granted of course there are those who are more professional and are paid (perhaps even by some of your competitors) to sabotage rival websites. Still, the truth is most hackers who threaten business websites and big-name entities are simply cyber bullies looking for a few cheap minutes of fame.

Alas, preventing them can be tiresome and ultimately, there seems to be no sign of it ending in the near future. Now don't despair, this does not mean you should give up on your online lead campaign. What this simply means is that you should be vigilant in taking extra measures in response. Adopt basic preventive rules. Change your passwords frequently. Create back ups for your files. Get competent security software and technical staff. Also, it always pays to have an alternative lead generator in the mean time.

This is why offline marketing methods like advertising, business cards, and even telemarketing see much use in this Internet age. If not as a main lead generator, then at least as an emergency alternative in case of an online attack. Since we're talking ERP software, you can use outsourced telemarketing to take inbound calls from interested clients (or clients wondering if something happened to your website). Having multiple mediums of communication can allow more access for clients and too many targets for mischievous hackers to enjoy infiltrating.

In fact, you might even be doing them a greater service because they might have an easier time relaying their problems to a real person on the phone instead of just filing an online ticket form. And with hackers seemingly concentrated on attacking websites, an experienced telemarketer is less likely to have a target sign on its head. Besides, these telemarketers certainly know a thing or two about securing their calling network from similar attacks. If a hacker was really hellbent on destroying your online investments, they'd have to pour an effort the size the authorities can quickly identify as criminal. Mind you, police attention is the one sort that hackers do not want.

So what are you waiting for? Don't wait for an attack to start acting. Take up the necessary measures today and start discussing with your people about alternative, offline means of lead generation. If the discussion becomes one of limited money and man power, just simply look to outsourcing. There are plenty of telemarketing groups at least who are more than eager to take inbound calls for you.

Software Leads – A Long List Means Nothing Unless Qualified!

The title is actually a pretty basic rule-of-thumb for those with even just an average understanding of lead generation. However, it is still a prevalent misconception that having a long lists of 'leads' is already a sign that you're good to sell.

If you're looking for something like ERP leads for software, do not fall for that! It could cost you an entire lead generation campaign.

While it's true that the lists being bought aren't all worthless, conducting a qualification process should still be standard procedure. For all you know, the 'leads' on that list are either not as interested as the list implied or have already been sold to by a competitor. An even worst mistake you can make is to accidentally assume that they're all sales-ready.

Now one simple and quick way to make sure those lists are qualified is via B2B telemarketing. In case you might be rubbing your eyes at the very sight of the word, there's a lot that the telephone can do for business besides making a sale. In fact, B2B software products like yours would only benefit in making an appointment first because you and your prospect will have a lot to talk about.

There's no denying though that the method could take time to master. Even if you already have a list, the price of training and equipment would seem too much to pay just to qualify a list of leads. Hence, perhaps you should just simply use outsourced telemarketing.

Regardless of what method though, the thing to keep in mind is that buying a list could just be akin to buying a microwave dinner. Would you eat it raw? No, you have to heat it first just as you need to get your list right now and qualify it!

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Find A Software Telemarketing Group With Vast ERP Marketing Experience

In ERP software, you realize that you won't be able to use more commercial means of lead generation (such as advertising). This is obviously due to your target clients taking up a small percentage of the population. Still, small as they are, they are all people in very important positions. Showing your product to them is pretty much showing it to the entire company which they represent.

However, that still doesn't mean you should neglect differences in industry. In advertising, factors such as demographics and culture are usually taken into consideration. In a B2B market like ERP software however, things like industry play a similar role. This rule does not just apply to who you're targeting but also to yourself. Is your software applicable to just one industry (e.g. accounting) or is it flexible enough for the use various kinds (e.g. automobile, construction work, communications)? How about if it was something in between (such as how the software industry itself is divided into companies with different specializations like office applications, computer games, or assembly line programs)?

What about language? Is your software available worldwide (via the internet)? If so, then surely it must stand against the test of translation. In turn, you'll also need a way to effectively communicate with your prospects in order to show how your product might benefit their business.

Now you will find that telemarketing is often suggested in order to gather the needed information and answer those questions so as to set you on the path to the right software leads. While it is true that those companies possess large, quality business databases that they can refine into a list of leads for you, it is always best to find one that has good experience in your market. In addition to that, they must be familiar with the type of industries your software is usually used in (or at least, can learn about them fast enough). The experience ensures that they've compiled enough information that is more preferable for those in the ERP software business and also covers a wide number of industries. On one hand, they're familiar enough with what you do so that walking them through your product would take less time. On the other, they can use their information gathering skills to identify those most in need of your kind of software.

The same logic applies to their agents. The more experience they have in the industry you work and at the same time, the industries that you serve, the more skilled they are in creating and utilizing scripts that effectively catch prospect interest and turn them into B2B leads or appointments for you to pursue. As for language, it's even more imperative as even telemarketers who are experienced on the local level might have trouble communicating to clients in another country and prefer to speak in a different tongue (or are at least heavily accented). You have to make sure your outsourced telemarketer has agents with the flexible speaking and listening skills.

It's a classic rule of thumb in business to always know your clients as much as you know your own business. Therefore, if you outsource to a telemarketer, find one now that is familiar with what you do as much as you do.
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Professional Telemarketers Help You Know Your Prospects And Yourself

Telemarketing has seen some surprisingly common use in B2B industries like supply management software. Despite the rise of the internet and the alleged bane that email was going to be for the telephone, the complete reverse has happened. Now telemarketing groups today are making a combined use of both!

However, this does not mean it's perfect. In fact, like all methods of lead generation, it's only as good as the people who use it. The things that brought about criticisms of the practice are actually those very mistakes.

One mistake is talking too much about yourself on the phone and less time for the prospect. Many a telemarketing blog have decried this as a certified killer of leads. With regards to SCM software, knowing your product but not knowing how it relates to a prospect is not only counter-productive, it's also not very bright.

That still doesn't diminish the importance of focusing on your product's quality though. What you really need is to carefully balance the two for a successful and more meaningful conversation between your representatives and your clients. This in turn really helps in software appointment setting.

Outsourcing your lead generation is cited as one good way to strike that balance. On one hand, you have a telemarketing group skilled in knowing your prospects and delivering what they know. On the other, the money you save can then be directed to your own efforts to improve your software product.

Don't waste any more stuck in a dilemma between knowing yourself versus others. Contact a reputable software telemarketer today and strike a balance between both!

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Getting Leads For Project Management Softwares – A Delicate Exchange

Business projects can often be subject to secrecy and not lot of companies are willing to discuss further or too openly. However, it's a bit of a tragedy when some companies need that information for reasons more honest that that of their competitors.

Companies that supply software for project management are one of those companies. If you're in one yourself, you'd not only say you weren't after their secrets but you'd also say you have something that can give them a hand in managing it to completion.

On the other hand, this could also demand some careful dispensation of information on your part. This isn't so much because of secrecy but because you need to come up with brief responses as to why your software could help. In short, you and your prospects must be inevitably locked in a delicate exchange of information.

So what means are there to successfully handle this exchange and qualify software leads?

One way is actually through telemarketing. Time and time again, people are often surprised to learn that telemarketing has been used in way other than just direct selling. In fact, a telephone conversation is arguably more flexible and more real-time compared to even emails. Many experienced telemarketers know well enough to actually internalize a script and not mindlessly memorizing it. Their emphasis on learning about the prospect is what makes them excellent for this really tense exchange of information.

If you're still struggling with getting leads because of all the secrecy, try outsourcing to B2B telemarketing services. Who knows? They may already have the information you need for this delicate exchange.

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Medical Software Leads Know The Right Time To Call http://ping.fm/4dcq7

Proper Lead Generation Services Focus On What's Important

It can come quite a shock to many but there is indeed a strong case for telemarketing when it comes to B2B leads. Getting B2B leads for medical software is no exception to the effectiveness of making a business call.

But wait, are you saying that there's more to medical software (and the medical field as whole) than just making money? That there are far more important things to discuss than price tags? Well of course there are and lead generating telemarketers are well aware of that fact as well.

Now if there's one thing these people are good at, it's information control. Now how does that help get leads for medical software? Well no matter how you look at it, it can boast just as many complex features as any other B2B software. Things like EMR or computer tools for diagnosis can take quite a while to show and whoever you're calling might not have the time to listen.

However, an experienced telemarketer knows how to spark their interest without necessarily bombarding them with information. Instead of focusing on the software, they focus on your target medical professionals and other potential clients. And since the phone makes for very short and flexible conversations, it only makes it easier for them to say things that would make your medical software products specifically relevant to them.

Despite the higher calling of any medical product, the qualities of medical leads can still bear striking similarities with other B2B ones. However, the thing that they have most in common is that those generating them focus on what's important to the people you want to contact. Call a software telemarketer today and you'd surprised at how aware they can be of the concerns in the medical field.


CRM Software Leads – Strike While The Iron's Hot!

In the CRM software industry, business can be slow in comparison to B2C industries. Such is often the case of many B2B firms anyways. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do something to pick up the pace. In fact, there are quite a few situations in which CRM companies are actually racing with each other.

Here's one example. Say you've heard of a rising business with a rapidly expanding customer base. As a result, they're getting overwhelmed and haven't prepared well for their sudden popularity.

This is exactly the sort of scenario where a CRM software group should strike when the iron is hot. They're getting a lot of customers so fast, they're having trouble managing it all. Presenting them your software at such a critical moment will not only amplify your product's appeal, their continued success will also promise you more referrals.

Unfortunately, you're not alone in that type of thinking. Remember the race? Well a company like the one above is the finish line. You need to find the fastest way to make contact with these companies but at the same time, control it well enough that you don't surprise them.

One way to do this is actually through outsourced telemarketing. Now before you raise your brow at this, you can't deny that a telephone call is the fastest way to actually contact your prospect. It's also flexible enough in that you don't have to bombard your target decision maker with too many features. This is the sort of control that diminishes the self-defeating element of surprise which hurt telemarketing calls. Your goal when you call your client is actually not to sell but to gauge their interest first and then carefully but surely get them to make an appointment where then you can now start making the sale.

Telemarketing is also an excellent means of getting information on a prospect. However, it still pays to get more information on your prospect before you make initial contact. For this, a sizable and accurate business database is required. This is where things can start getting expensive. If you're going to get the fastest and most qualified leads out of telemarketing, you need to actually have some data to back up your call so that your campaign won't sound like it's cold calling. Now it takes a lot of training for this and you need specialized personnel who can break down the data as well professional agents who are experienced enough to communicate follow-ups to your client so that data won't grow stale.

The costs though can be minimized if said telemarketing campaign is outsourced. And if you think about it logically, telemarketing and other forms of lead generation may not necessarily be within your company's best expertise so why not simply request the services of those who are experts? For all you know, perhaps the reason why you're often pursuing dead leads is because your prospect used telemarketing to contact those leads while they were still being overrun by increasing customers. That can stop today. Contact a B2B software telemarketer and deliver the faster strike while the iron is still hot.

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What Questions Mean To A CRM Prospect

You've probably been told plenty times how telemarketing actually suits a CRM software business (if not, it suits the entire B2B industry as a whole). Still, since you're selling something that keeps customer perspective in mind, you might feel tempted to reject it because so many consumers just have a really sour view on the subject.

Well, this might sound blunt, but the customer isn't always right. And in this case, they're actually wrong. The truth is you're confusing the mind of your prospect's customers and not the mind of your prospects themselves.

Make no mistake, it's still not a good idea to call your target decision maker and try to sell your software off the bat. You definitely can't cover all the features of your product in a phone call that your prospect only expects to be short. They don't even have time to talk to you for more than five minutes.

However, unlike consumers, decision makers can be more open if you give them the right words. This is where telemarketing comes strong. In emails, communication can actually be slower because your prospect company likely gets hundreds in their inbox everyday. With a phone however, professional telemarketers have been known to make quick but informative conversations with it.

Now one thing that gets them to talk is in fact any good, relevant questions that grant you some information that you can then use to your advantage when you finally try and make the sale (be it in a webinar or actual appointment). The trick is to know which one can prod the prospect into making that appointment.

Still, you might feel it's still too costly to risk with a few tests. In that case, just simply outsource to lead generation services who use telemarketing.

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Impress The Target Boss With The Right Lead Generation Services

BI software is arguably the most high-end sort of software in any ERP software package. And befitting its status is the status of those who put to the most use. These usually range from CEOs to other high-ranking business executives within a company. It also makes sense. When you have a computer application that is capable of packing all business information of your company into a single dashboard on your screen, then who else is likely to look it up besides the big bosses themselves?

However, it's the very standing of these people that can make lead generation difficult if you're in the business of supplying this software. These people are very busy individuals and need to be particularly impressive to catch their attention. Advertisements and commercials will barely merit so much as a passing glance.

Now one of the best ways to reach your target executive (and furthermore, impress them) is to make your product relevant. You need to first establish that there's a need for your product out there. This would mean that you'll be doing a lot of homework, not just on the executives but on the individual companies that they run.

Naturally the cost for that venture is steep and the success of the methods can depend greatly on your experience using them. Take telemarketing for instance. Gatekeepers do not take kindly to random, cold calling strangers unless they shoot with the right information to get their foot in the door.

Fortunately, there are plenty of outsourced telemarketing groups who have just the personnel to get that information and furthermore, use it to their advantage (as well as that of their clients). Why not call one yourself and start getting the info to impress the big boss?


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DNC Registers – How Professional Telemarketers Love Them

It's quite natural for the general population to assume that telemarketing is dead after the introduction of DNC registers all over the globe. However, that's based on their assumption that telemarketers are all desperate salespeople trying to sell infomercial appliances over the phone.

And like a lot of assumptions of popular opinion, it needs a serious review before it can actually be taken into the realm of fact.

First of all, not all telemarketers are out to make sales. Telemarketing is used for another purposes like information gathering and lead qualification. Also, the success of the method itself can vary depending on the product involved. The rather awkward thing about the public perception is that it's often birthed from the minds of average consumers. Granted they take up most of the popular and therefore it's natural for businesses to sell to them. However, not all of them seek out their fortunes solely on the B2C side of the market. Sometimes entrepreneurs prefer marketing the much heavier B2B products.

Take HR software for instance. It's not something that most people would want so the number of HR leads that it needs are going to be few in comparison to leads for, let's say, a dish-washing soap.

In fact, if you're running something like that yourself you can attest to the difficulty of getting leads. It wouldn't be surprising either that you're looking to use telemarketing.

However, what's interesting is that telemarketers actually love the information provided by DNC lists. Finding target decision makers would've been akin to finding needles in a haystack if they didn't know how many numbers belonged to private households and not businesses. Hard to believe? Why not outsource to lead generation services that use them and see for yourself?

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Executives For B2B Leads – Getting In Touch With The Untouchable

There's question that executives who rank the highest in a company are also the busiest. Sure the media likes to depict images of them tanning on their yachts or living the life in large manors. However, when you finally see them sit down at their desk and take a closer look a the things they have to go through at work, you might just jump out the office window.

Fortunately, if you're in the business of selling business intelligence software, you're likely to have bypassed that initial shock. What's unfortunate however is that you too must be aware of how busy these people can be and how it also makes them hard to reach.

It doesn't matter what method you use. Be it email invitations or even telemarketing, it won't matter if either you email hits their spam filter or your caller winds up facing a gatekeeper.

Granted, there are experts in such methods who can bypass that but can you call yourself one? More importantly, can you invest the time and money to go through what they did to become masters?

Chances are your answer is no. In fact, you probably have enough on your plate already developing the complex technology that your software undoubtedly is. This doesn't leave you with much to try and learn the right ways to go about it. Do you even want to for that matter? You'd be surprised at how far lead generation can actually be from the field of software engineering.

Well good news for you. You don't have to. Just simply outsource to those same experts! If you want a start, try outsourced telemarketing. At the very least, a company gatekeeper is a live person and live people can be reasoned with you know what to say.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CRM Prospecting – Knowing Two Kinds Of Customers

Selling CRM software can involve more than just making a software application that can improve how a business handles its customers. When you're in the midst of B2B lead generation, you're not just looking around to pursue a particular type of client. You're keeping in mind the type of customers these people themselves have.

To put it simply, here's an example. Suppose you're looking to specialize your product for the needs of a candy manufacturer. Not only will you be looking for contact information for these companies, you might also need to do some research on what kind of customers they'll be handling. What kind of inquiries would their customers make? What would be the fastest way your software can do to make communication faster between your client company and that of their consumers?

The task to formulate the right questions and use the to gather information can take up an amount of time that is both large and unexpected for many B2B companies (especially those just starting out). Aside from the questions, there's also the means of contacting them. How much information besides industry and target market do you need? What time is the most likely hour your targeted decision maker will open your email or receive your call?

Questions like this might require a costly trial period that your company may not have enough resources for. This is why outsourcing is a common solution. Take B2B telemarketing services for instance. You'd be surprised at how fast and direct a mere telephone can be when it comes to getting the information to know your prospects. However, the only way you'll see is if you contact one today!

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Strengthen Your Industry Specialization With Lead Generation Services

Have you ever watched a documentary featuring a production line? Usually these are the less controversial ones who simply like to tell people how certain things are made. You have to admit, it can be pretty impressive watching various materials come together. It also tells you that there's a lot you can tell about a company's industry expertise just from seeing the raw materials that they use.

Believe it or not though, knowing an industry can be important if you're in the business of Supply Chain Management software. As you're well aware, production lines are but a thread in the entire network dedicated to carrying a product from creation to delivery.

However, like production lines, there's a lot you can you and your company can learn about yourselves by studying the industries who are most likely to find use for the way your product does SCM. You might find that your software gets more buyers from car manufacturers compared to those producing breakfast cereals.

Still, doing it by yourself can prove difficult. Popular B2B lead generators like software telemarketing can only do more harm than good with inexperienced handling. Still, what better way to know about the kind of people who like your software more than through a polite phone inquiry?

What you need to do is simply outsource to experienced lead generation services. Companies like these not only possess a large contact database covering a variety of industries, they know all the right methods to determine which one is best suited for you. The only way you're ever going to find out though is if you call them yourself.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Get HR Software Leads, Investigate Problems You Can Solve!

Very few decision makers can be willing to openly admit flaws in their HR. Whilst they would probably act the same way towards questions on the quality of their products or services, employees can be just as vital to a company as profits. Who are the ones bringing in those profits anyway asides from the company work force?

In fact, when you think about how companies use advertisements for recruitments as much as for promotion, there's really no saying that one stands more for a company's public face than the other.

However, it's with that in mind that HR software suppliers such as yourself might have a hard time. You may know everything there is to know about using computers to manage employees, but it's a different story when it comes to getting target decision makers to talk without rousing suspicion.

Be it email or phone, if you lack the experience in the art of qualifying businesses for HR leads then all your computer knowledge will be for nothing.

On the other hand, a veteran telemarketing firm knows exactly the right questions and the right words to get past the gatekeepers. What's even interesting is that they can do it all by being surprisingly honest about it. The key apparently is having some information beforehand on the relevant problems of a company which can be found in the large databases common to a lot of telemarketing firms.

Speaking of which, isn't that exactly the sort of information you need to show your prospects you have the answer? Why not start using outsourced telemarketing today and finally begin investigating the problems you were meant to solve?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Info From Software Leads Become Sales

Newbies to the B2B sector of the software industry are in for a shock when they realize the long steps they have to climb before making a sale. Most likely the thing that gets them is around the lead generation stage. The amount of information people advise them to get for each, individual prospect is a task they find jarring.

Those who protest might feel compelled to ask why they need that much information in the first place. Those who previously sold consumer products would even say they never had to research on each individual customer. How does the information they gather going to translate into actual sales? If you're an ERP software group and this describes exactly how you've been reacting, you might need to re-evaluate why you were interested in supplying such software in the first place.

The thing is you're going to need all the information you can get to actually succeed at that sale. Here's how it works. Prospects who are interested in acquiring ERP software aren't just individuals. They're people who represent their entire company. You should know very well that the software just doesn't benefit them, it benefits all the people they work with.

If you want them to even give your product a glance, you're going to have to do some homework and find out if there's anything about their particular company that your products can help with. Lead generation services in B2B industries like yours actually focus more on getting the information you need, whilst leaving the sales-making to you. Without it, you got nothing to impress prospects with.

For a simple start, try using outsourced telemarketing to get that info. It's classic, cost-efficient, and it might even be more direct than the new ones these days.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ERP Software Telemarketing – More About Info Than Sales

In the ERP software market, it's natural for sales and leads to come at a slower pace compared to consumer-oriented markets like operating systems and computer games. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't ways to speed things up even just a little bit.

The tricky thing is however, you might take a step back when people suggest you try outsourcing professional telemarketers to accelerate your lead generation campaign. Now you might be desperate to make sales but surely not desperate enough that you start hawking your software to prospects over the phone.

Frankly, if you're going to criticize telemarketing, you should at least reconsider that line of thinking.

B2B telemarketers aren't always eager to sell things either. And in case you haven't realized it yet, that's not even the only thing they're good at.

Hopefully you haven't forgotten but information can play a vital role in the sales-making process. It helps to qualify if a lead is genuinely interested enough to listen to what you have to say. Sometimes that's what all it takes to close a deal. It also helps filter out those who will just potentially waste your time from those who either aren't sales ready or have already been sold to by a competitor.

There are in fact plenty of lead generation companies out there who use telemarketing towards that very purpose. Their databases didn't just sprout overnight you know. They got it from the many of experience contacting and qualifying their leads via telephone. Whereas email exchanges and social media can take a while to communicate effectively, telephone conversations are more flexible and direct when it comes to politely getting a straight answer. Outsource to them today and realize that their potential goes way beyond just sales.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scams Don't Just Stigmatize Telemarketing Services

In the industries of B2B software, newbies are often confused when they see some companies outsourcing to a telemarketing company for their lead generation. One explanation could be due to the rise of methods that accompanied the IT revolution. Why use telephones when you can just send them emails?

Another explanation however is the stigma that telemarketing carries. The critics would be the first to highlight scams where so-called 'telemarketers' would call unsuspecting consumers in the privacy of their own homes and trick them into giving up money or their credit card numbers.

Oddly enough though, that sounds a lot like yet another type of scam but this type is actually done through the internet, which is the same internet that brought everyone the new methods that critics think should replace telemarketing.

This is of course talking about spam, spyware, and other malicious forms of cyber attacks. Ask yourself, have you ever opened a spam email and read what it says? Usually it would be something like you winning a million dollars or that your computer has caught a dangerous virus.

Now why don't you take those and compare them to the things that telemarketing scammers say? Notice something? They're say the exact same things! Regardless of methods, scammers still retain their signature give-away of declaring the most outrageous things!

And like telemarketing, a simple google search on how to prevent being victimized from online scams will show that a distrust of internet-dependent marketing is already growing.

This is just some food for thought in case you ever feel tempted to try one method over the other because of the stigma of scams. The truth is all methods can carry them but that should never stop you from outsourcing lead generation services that suit you best.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Flexibility of Outsourced Telemarketing

People who think telemarketing is outdated and obsolete compared to new methods are unaware of how flexible it can be. In fact, it's so flexible that they can actually be tempered to augment these new means (and vice-versa). For instance, some critics claim that they would rather be contacted via email but they're apparently unaware that not everyone cares to check their inbox. Giving them a call however, could be the best way to follow up on them or at least ensure that your people have covered all means of contacting a prospect.

Another example is related to B2B products that have features that just cannot be demonstrated or even explained in a single email or even a chain of emails. Surely you're aware of how lengthy B2B transactions can be because it's not something either the seller or the buyer would want to push through too hastily.

This is why those who engage in email marketing often give the prospect a choice of how they wish to get information. As demonstrated above however, it can be difficult to accurately transmit all that through email. A telephone call however can be quicker, more direct, and engaging because your prospects are at least assured that they're talking to a real representative. This can really accelerate your software appointment setting because a simple phone conversation can get more direct responses. It's either a “Yes”, “No”, or “Let me think about it”. That way, you're not left hanging on email responses.

Remember that the target decision makers representing your ERP leads value their time and they would appreciate it if your means of communication can give them that and on their own terms. Outsource to a telemarketing firm and give them that flexible communication.

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