Friday, December 30, 2011

BI Software Leads: Getting Hard-To-Get Information

There's a good case for saying that gaining leads for Business Intelligence software can be far more difficult venture compared to getting leads for other enterprise management softwares. First off, a quick review on the process of getting leads for such B2B-oriented products.

As you're well aware, information is critical in a lead generation campaign. Specifically, information that can help determine whether or not a target company will make for an interested prospect. However, when it comes to business intelligence, it can be really hard to get. After all, there are not a lot of companies out there who would want to give out information on upcoming projects or if they're deploying a new marketing strategy of their own. Making contact with them and getting the information on something so sensitive needs an expert touch. That might not be good if you're in a tight budget (and such is the case for a lot of small BI software businesses).

Software telemarketing can be a good way to bring down the guards of gatekeepers. If you really know the kind of people who would benefit from the streamlining capabilities of your software, then all you need is a good talker to represent you. Experienced telemarketing knows all the tips of and tricks of the trade so rest assured that when they qualify someone, you're acting on certified information to try and make the sale.

Outsourced telemarketing services can get you all that minus the expensive costs of training in-house personnel. So don't delay and contact them as soon as you can. You'll be needing all the time you can save when gathering such hard-to-get information.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Medical Software Appointment Setting: The Doctor's Other Appointment

Patients and those in need of a check up aren't the only people a doctor can make appointments with. Sometimes there are professionals or even entire medical institutions who wish to discuss other things besides the other party's health but also something not entirely unrelated to their practice.

Medical softwares can be one of those things. In our age where computer-assisted technologies are becoming more prevalent and proving far more effective, anyone in the field of sustaining (or even improving) the standards of health should do all they can get only the best.

That's where you, as a supplier of such softwares, come in. However, these are busy people. Unlike other business executives who are usually just busy trying to make the most out of what they're trying to sell, good medical practitioners value people's live more than their money. The situations they're often placed in every day are always urgent and, as a result, very, very busy.

Contacting these people might require all modes of communication: internet, email, even telemarketing. You also need some good data on them beforehand so you can help check if they might have qualified interest on your products.

Fortunately, many software telemarketers out there have begun establishing contact with these people and know enough about the seriousness of their work to know when is the proper time that they're open to have appointments with medical software suppliers. This results in them having an up-to-date database on professionals and institutions who are never without a need for improved medical technologies like EMR and computer-assisted diagnosis. Use outsourced telemarketing today to get your own appointment with the good doctor!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Data: Good For Both BI Software and BI Software Leads

BI software has always had a critical role that branches out all the way up to the executive level. It helps transmit information of current company goals and helps organize the employees in every department. Announcements, notifications, and even progress reports are all conducted by company leaders with the use of this particular software technology.

Why this is so is simple. Data is everything when it comes to organizing a business.

However, are you aware that the B2B companies supplying this type of software also have a need for data?

This is because sparking interest in their product requires a lengthy background check on each individual company. If your company is one such supplier (or even if it's just another B2B company), you will know that this is called lead generation.

Gathering data to help both interest and qualify a prospect can take an excruciating sum of resources. This goes from covering all means of communicating with them and doing follow-ups, to maintaining the gathered information and ensure the success of said follow ups. The communications technology and personnel training might put a significant strain on the budgets of smaller companies.

Outsourcing is often suggested to deal with this. For BI software firms, they use outsourced telemarketing.

In fact, sometimes telemarketing firms actually go even beyond just the telephone by making use of other new methods like website creation, SEO, and email marketing to supplement their communication with a prospect.

So there you have it. Data doesn't just benefit the users of BI software. They also benefit those who provide that software themselves in the form B2B leads. So in case you ever wonder why sales are slow, perhaps it's because you're not generating them well enough. Outsource a software telemarketing company today and enjoy the benefits of data yourself!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Honesty Among Professional Telemarketers

These days, it's natural for B2B software firms to initially balk at the suggestion of using telemarketing for business lead generation. And, frankly, you can't really blame them (not too much anyways). This hesitation can be due to a number of reasons. Telemarketing comes off as imposing. It can come off as excessively up front. It also bears a social stigma because of its use in business scams, harassment, or just simply bad telephone conduct. The lack of honesty in shady telemarketers is enough to make even those legally open for telemarketing calls (e.g. other businesses) wary and skeptical of them.

However, it pays to be fair when these same companies might not exercise the same scrutiny towards forms of online lead generation (e.g. email marketing, website creation etc, banner ads). People seem to forget that while telemarketing has been abused by scammers and awful agents, internet dangers such as spam, spyware, viruses, and even hackers do their dirty work using the same methods as online-based lead generators. Ask yourself honestly. Do you just click any internet banner on the page you're currently on? Is that encouraged?


Make no mistake. This is isn't to slander internet marketers. In fact, there are just as many (if not more) honest online advertising companies out there compared to those who use their means to evil ends. Still, the same applies to telemarketers. Those in the business of honest, professional software telemarketing always uphold themselves to a common set of ethical standards. When you ask for their name, they'll tell you. When you ask who they represent, they'll tell you. When you ask what they want, they will tell you.

Don't let bad examples justify hesitation. There are still a lot of good people who work with telemarketing. Just look for them.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Use Professional Telemarketers To Contact Professional Business Leaders

Most people are uneasy about putting the words “professional” and “telemarketer” together in light of popular criticisms towards telemarketing. And perhaps, they have a point. What exactly is so professional about a desperate phone salesman bothering people in their homes just to sell some infomercial-style product? If anything, it just makes the usage of “professional” seem like a joke.

However, there's a significant exception when you look at telemarketing in business lead generation.

In contrast to the image of telemarketing 'victims', those being called by B2B telemarketers are nothing like those hapless suburbanites getting commercial calls about some new-fangled vacuum cleaner. These are professional business leaders who actually make it part of their job to receive many business-related calls each day.

This is why there is such a thing as a professional telemarketer for only a professional can get through the gatekeepers that would sooner reject anyone who sounds like a traveling salesman. Remember, a professional is someone who is very objective about his or her line of work. This applies to telemarketers and business leaders alike.

Every telemarketing company that deals in B2B products (such as ERP software, accounting services, and payroll systems) knows very well that they run things far differently from their B2C counterparts. In fact, a lot don't even try to sell the products their clients have. They simply check if they qualify and gather information to determine if they make a good lead. It's still up to the clients themselves to try and make the sale.

In fact, if you run a B2B company of your own, you should give them a call. You'd be surprised at the benefits of having their information.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Role of Data In Qualifying B2B Leads

Here's a brief review on the importance of data in B2B lead generation services. As an example, let's use telemarketing since it's one of the more popular methods. After all, executives and decision makers seem to respond more directly to successful phone inquiries compared to email and advertising.

Now one good use of quality data is that it helps your agents get their foot in the figurative door. Cold calling is often frowned upon so it's always best to make any call sound less unexpected by learning a lot about the prospect beforehand. If your agents are sure about the problems a prospect company has, then they can confidently answer the skeptical questions of gatekeepers (and the executives themselves).

Good info must also be kept up to date. This helps keep leads fresh for pursuit and also makes for easier follow-up strategies. It also helps make sure your competitors aren't on to them.

Finally however, they help in a critical process of qualifying these leads. You might say this is related to data helping follow-up strategies. The truth is you need to know everything about your prospect to determine if they're open to buying. These go from the size of the prospect company to that particular company's problems.

If your telemarketing agents don't have good info to go by, you could end up making horrible mistakes like making wrong assumptions about the company when trying to make a sale. This is why professional telemarketers always guarantee the vast coverage and quality information of their business contact databases. In fact, why not outsource to them and try it out for yourself?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inbound Outsourced Telemarketing – One Bit Of Info At A Time

One of the most commonly cited benefits of inbound telemarketing for B2B businesses is that the leads who are making the calls already have an idea of what is being sold (even if it's just a small idea). Usually their interest was piqued via e-mail, website, even media advertising.

However, there are those who try to benefit from this form of B2B lead generation yet end up stuck in creating those things. Sometimes they struggle with how much information to put on the website. If it's too much, the prospect might quickly lose interest but the same thing can happen if the information also too inadequate. There's also security to worry about with all the hackers lurking about the internet. Other people might not even like the prospect of reading at all and would rather hear it from the horse's mouth as it were.

In short, you need to give your prospect the freedom to know more at their own pace and more on their own terms.

If that's the case, you should know that's the very reason why experienced telemarketers are praised for flexible communication. All you need to do is invite them to give your company a call if they really wish to know more! That way, you won't have to trouble yourself with churning out lengthy and boring online content. So long as you have competent agents (or have simply outsourced to lead generation companies that do), your business can give only the right amount of information that the prospect is asking for. Contact a professional telemarketing firm today and try this out with our inbound lead generation campaign.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Appointment Setting VS Making A Sale

Every expert telemarketer will tell you that the pushy phone salesman is the biggest misconception people have towards what they actually do. Now most of the time, they would cite the following reasons to show you why it's wrong.

First off, most professionals know how to take no for an answer. They don't press the prospect any further, politely hang up, and then dial the next number. Secondly, do a lot of research beforehand so that they can be sure the person they're calling has an established need. And finally, the sales leads generated by telemarketing are more sought out by B2B businesses, meaning a business executive is more likely to receive a call from them than the old lady next door.

While that's actually all well and true (surprisingly), did you know that the term 'salesmen' itself is misleading? Here is how defines the word:

salesman [seylz-muhn] - amanwhosellsgoods,services,etc.”

You will find in several blogs by professional telemarketers that trying to sell the product itself is actually not what their agent is supposed to do (not all the time anyways). You can probably see this more clearly when a B2B firm outsources to a telemarketer for appointment setting. The telemarketer calls on behalf of the company and tries to get them to set a meeting appointment with their client. It is still up to the client company to close the sale.

However, do take note that getting appointments by themselves are already a necessity. Business can tend to go a little more slowly in the B2B market compared to B2C. It always helps to let people know your product exists. If your business is on this side as well, why not outsource to a telemarketer and see what they can do for you?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Use Fast Telemarketing For Fast B2B Lead Generation

Now it's becoming quite common for B2B businesses to outsource telemarketing. It's only reasonable given that the telephone is the more direct and personal way to contact important business executives and decision makers. On the other hand, training and equipping your own in-house team can be quite expensive so it's no surprise that outsourcing lead generation services is considered the more cost-efficient alternative.

However, do remember that out of all the qualities of the right telemarketing firm, few take precedence over speed. Why is speed so important in telemarketing? Well, why is speed so important in lead generation? Obviously, you know the answer to the second question: competitors.

There's no point denying it. If you don't hurry and follow up on fresh leads, your competitors will. That's why it's not only important to find a telemarketer with a database that has a large coverage but also one that knows how to break the data they've got to your specifications. Speaking of which, this is why it's also important for your telemarketer to be familiar with your trade. It ensures that they have some background information already on what you sell and who you're more likely to sell to.

On the subject of breaking down the information, even if you claim that you have already obtained a list of your own and just need your outsourced telemarketing to qualify it, speed still counts. In fact, this might be where it counts the most! You must have competent and highly-trained agents who know how to speedily but effectively meet a high daily quota of calls to those on that list in order identify the interested ones that qualify for leads (before your competitors get wind of them). So don't wait any longer. You better hurry yourself or else your competitors might end up beating you to a good telemarketer too!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Professional Telemarketers And Do-Not-Call Lists

Plenty people think telemarketing is dead. And if they want to give proof, they just point you to their country's local Do-Not-Call register. For them, things like that are like the magical shield and sword used to vanquish the dark days where people were bothered at home by pushy salesmen on the telephone.

However, do these people really know the more technical details surrounding these registers? Better yet, do these people really know how the telemarketing actually operates nowadays?

Take the U.S. for example. Now it's true that their National Do-Not-Call List contains a list of numbers that telemarketers are never allowed to call. However, these numbers are all personal and home-based numbers. In other words, these are the numbers belonging to households.

So why has there been not just one telemarketing company but many that are still standing in the world today? What use do people have for call center agents when there's this much restriction?

The misconception is that there really is that much of a restriction to begin with. Going back to the kind of numbers the U.S. Do-Not-Call List contains, the FCC actually states this on their website:

The national Do-Not-Call list protects home voice or personal wireless phone numbers only.

Putting two and two together, there's still apparently one business sector that still sees plenty of use for telemarketing services: the B2B market.

Now as much as you'll find a number of executives who complain about receiving phone calls, you'll have a hard time getting them to appreciate signing up for the Do-Not-Call List. Why? Well not only does the FCC state that they don't guarantee the same protection for businesses, even the most snide critics will admit there are times when they appreciate a call from someone who can help them with a problem.

If you're running a B2B outfit of your own, why not see for yourself? Outsource to one you might be surprised at how you'll suddenly find a lot less restriction than the fans of DNC lists imply.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Medical Software Leads Are Those Who Need The Software Most

We live in a world where good health care is always in dire need. Poor countries such as Africa and Mexico suffer from a grave and constant lack of medical resources. Meanwhile in industrialized nations, ailments such as cancer and heart disease are common epidemics.

Developers of medical software can help alleviate the situation if they know where to find the right medical institutions/professionals. The effort and cost at compiling a list of such people however can be a great strain on their resources. This goes especially for medical software developers who really cannot afford expending their own resources in finding them. It's like when in a natural calamity, a high number of doctors or medical supplies is useless if there are no means to transport them to areas in most need of their aid.

Professional telemarketers are the answer to that problem. Specifically, groups that are expert in marketing software and finding those most in need of their use. Their vast database is constantly being updated which enables them to determine who and who not to call. Their research teams can diligently produce a grand number of accurate software leads. And in an area that is in constant urgency such as health care, practitioners would want all the help they can get. Telemarketing companies are a sure way to let them quickly know who can give that to them.

As stated before, our world is often in a state of medical emergency. With the use of telemarketing companies, medical software developers can help spread awareness of what they can give and play a major role in saving lives.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

B2B Software Telemarketing Navigates Through Prospect Company's Hierarchy

Whether you dismiss it just another fact of life or see it as a bitter reality of human nature, power struggles in a company don't just exist in soap operas. They exist in real life too. Not a lot of companies might admit to this of course (perhaps not even yours), however the real question is what does this pose for those in a B2B market like ERP software?

In a word, the answer is: tricky.

In particular, these struggles to climb the corporate ladder and control company politics can make for a lot of obstacles in getting ERP leads for your software. Half the time at least, it won't be just one person you'd want to contact to get the right information. Even if you went as far as considering to make your own in-house telemarketing team, your agents might not get the necessary information to qualify a prospect for leads. Why? Well it's because the thing with power struggles is that everyone wants to hold something over the other. It's like you're a merchant in a fantasy realm, trying to sell your wares across nations that are all hostile with one another and would try use you to their individual advantages.

Frankly, it can get quite messy. Fortunately however, there are a lot of independent lead generation services out there, like telemarketing. In fact, the agents of an experienced telemarketing group not only know how to get information, they already have compiled a good deal of their own. It's easy for you then to bet that they know how to not get involved too much and ask only the most objective questions.

Why not outsource your lead generation to them? That way, you can save yourself the trouble of navigating the corporate hierarchy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Professional Telemarketers Call The Right Person In The Right Company

Qualifying candidates for B2B leads can be a lot more complicated when in you're an ERP software company. You don't have to just worry yourself about about which type of company to market to, you need to find out which person to contact in the targeted company. Heck, you might even have to contact multiple persons in a single firm.

You see if you don't, you might end up wasting precious resources regardless of what method you used. Those same resources could have been spent on perfecting your software product.

Let's say for instance, you contact someone in a company that you're trying to qualify. You ask who is in charge. However, the person you're talking to immediately claims that he or she is the one in charge (as far as B2B business people like you are concerned).

What you may not (or perhaps already) know is that this person is most likely a company gatekeeper, designed to keep you from bothering the person you need to talk to for the information you need. If you're contacting a company via e-mail, you might not even get a response at all because your inquiry has either hit the spam filter or got lost among masses of other e-mail letters in the inbox.

People tell you to try telemarketing. Granted it's more direct and at the very least, speaking with a gatekeeper is relatively better because you're sure you're talking to a real person. However, getting to talk to the actual person(s) required to get the information needed for lead qualification requires the skill of a professional.

Why not outsource then to a veteran telemarketing company? You can't get more professional than that.

Refine Your B2B Software Leads With Outsourced Appointment Setting

Even if you claim that your research has produced a long list of B2B contacts for your ERP software solution, there's still no telling how qualified those contacts are going to be. For all you know, they could have already been pursued by your competitors. Furthermore, if that were not the case, are you sure that your own team still has what it takes to contact these people and get them to set appointments with you? It might be one thing to create a high-quality brand of ERP software and another thing to use the right slogans, pitches, and brand labels to make it appeal to your target market.

Sure you can let the quality speak for itself. There's nothing wrong with that. However, how is that quality going to show itself when people don't even know your product exist? It's doubtful that many have the time to browse and do test runs with all the available (and competing) ERP softwares out there.

This is why if you're looking for a cost-efficient means of qualifying your lists into certified leads and appointments, then outsource to a software telemarketing firm. These people have agents well-trained in speeding through your lists, cleaning up dried up contacts and qualifying the ones in greatest need of your software tools.

In addition to that, they have a business database of their own that might even be more up-to-date and expansive than yours. So if you're worried that not a single entry in your hard-earned list turned up good, you can always ask them to help you out. Outsource to a telemarketer now and start refining those ERP leads!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Outsourced Telemarketing Excels In Inbound Calls Too

Gaining a constant flow of leads is good for any business but what's also profitable is to keep past clients faithful to your brand. This way, the old leads that you have profited from have a good chance of being new leads for whatever new product you have in store. This not just applies to the typical customer loyalty programs of B2C businesses. B2B businesses can also benefit from something similar, if not exactly the same.

Take ERP software as a good example. Now software has always this habit of needing an update and this kind is of no exception. In fact, since ERP software is so vital to the way a corporation runs things, updates can be vital in keeping bugs in check.

However, what if someone has an inquiry requiring these updates? Furthermore, what if you've decided to market a new, upgraded version of your previous product and you want encourage the owners of the old version to enjoy the benefits of the upgrade too? That is why you have to keep them loyal. Not only would you be doing them a great form of customer service, that customer service can become a lead generation in its own right.

So how does one address the communication requirements for this type of service? Well, you can always make use of inbound telemarketing. In fact, telemarketing companies probably use the most classic way because inquiries into something as complex as ERP software might be better if you had a real person answering the client's concerns.

Telemarketers don't always focus on outbound. A call center can be just as much a base of operations for customer services as it is for marketing. Why don't you contact one now? That way, you can see just how many ways customer service can be turned into a lead generation tool too!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Software Telemarketing Can Augment Offline Marketing

For software-savvy companies, even those in the B2B side of the market like ERP software, internet marketing is the first idea to cross their minds when it comes to lead generation. Hence, the lead generation services they first seek out (or develop in-house) are those skilled in e-mail marketing, website design, and search engine optimization.

Granted the digital nature of any software product, that much is expected. However, it's still not flawless and there are times when you find it quite arduous competing for things such as traffic, hits, and site references. It's during these moments that you start google searching for more effective means that amplify your online marketing stratagem.

Surprisingly, common piece of advice involves getting off the internet and use so-called 'offline' means of directing people to your website. Things such as putting your site on business cards, putting the name of your website on the paper, and even passing out fliers.

Now of course that might be effective in getting people to look up your website and browsing it for info on your ERP software tools. However, what happens when it's not enough for the ones you've attracted and they'd rather contact you more directly? E-mail doesn't always work well due to both issues of text and at the same time, the risk of each other's messages getting caught in your respective spam filters.

This is why it's best to have inbound telemarketers at the ready to take their calls. Telephone calls still boast the most direct and believable means of communication compared to just simply internet ones. Outsource to an experienced telemarketer now and you can have all those inquirers become promising, qualified ERP leads.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Scammers Are Telemarketing Amateurs

Last November 7th, 2011 StarNews Online uploaded a report on a recent telemarketing scam involving callers posing as software technicians for Microsoft and targeting senior citizens. Now before you start thinking that this has become yet another piece of evidence in the case against the practice, read this portion right near the end of the article:

“The scammers often call from an area with lots of background noise. Most consumers have reported hanging up on them before completing the steps, but the scammers often call back.”

If you actually looked up on blogs from professional telemarketers, you will realize that these scammers not only pose as telemarketers, they pose as really, really bad ones. The quotation above not only cites one but two violations that cause telemarketers to fail in their endevaors.

The first is obviously background noise. If you had even just worked closely in the same call center as these agents, you will find that they really chastise those who create too much noise. This call to silence is even more strictly imposed when the agents are in the process of calling (and receiving calls) during their lead qualification phase. You see in B2B lead generation, they would be communicating with many important business people and the last thing they want is to ruin their professional image with unexplained noise.

The second violation is impolite persistence. Real, experienced call center agents actually reject the pushy salesmen attitude. If the receiver clearly shows no interest. They must stop and move on to the next number on the list. They do not call again.

Don't let scandals like this discourage you from outsourced telemarketing if you really wish try it for your B2B business. Scammers who try to pose as telemarketing agents are in fact the worst of amateurs.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Help Hospitals From All Over Via Software Telemarketing

Developers of medical software really need to know how much help they can give to those in need. Hospitals and other medical institutions all over the world, even in developed countries, are becoming increasingly reliant on their technology. Electronic medical records helps give speedier status reports on patients. Digital tomography helps in analyzing x-rays. Medication pumps are highly dependent on computer software to calculate and control the treatment of patients.

Due to that dependence, it is imperative that medical software developers find as many clients as they can. Money isn't the only thing at stake here. Human lives are too. The International Electrotechnical Commission does not make jokes regarding the strict regulation of software life cycles.

So how shall developers speed up their search for hospitals and institutions in need of good medical software? One common way is to outsource to a telemarketing company, particularly one experienced in medical software telemarketing. These firms employ very diligent agents who are very mindful of the needs of their clients. Their call campaigns promise a thoroughly refined list of software prospects still not yet covered by other software developers. It would not only be unprofitable but also unethical for a medical software developer to actually depend on competitors to cover more leads.

As stated before, medical software developers must do all they can to expand their horizons. A lax in the development of their field could mean deaths in incalculable numbers. Therefore, their technology should be vigilantly up-to-date in order to improve the standards of health in all the world's hospitals.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Keeping Links Together With Software Sales Leads

One need only look at what constitutes a supply chain to realize the near impossibility of controlling it. There are many parties involved such as the producer of raw components, the parties involved in the assembly stage, and finally at the end where the finished product is marketed to consumers.

That is of course, if one were to view the undertaking with the intention of manually overseeing it all. Hence, that is the reason for the rising demand in SCM software.

Developers of this software can see great potential for profit as supply chains are often employed by very large corporations. Such corporations pay big money to make sure these chains run smoothly and would pay handsomely for any software that would help reduce the manpower and maintenance costs they require.

The question however is who is currently in need of such convenience. One would naively think the need would be great if big-money corporations are the paying clients. Unfortunately, these corporations are just as likely to pay their own people to develop their own SCM software.

On the bright side, companies such as those in the software telemarketing business are well aware that is not always the case. With their own large database of business information, they can help point out the companies who see more promise in those whose sole expertise lies in SCM programming. (This goes especially for corporations whose specialization is far from anything software related. The risks and costs of asking their own people to do something they don't specialize in would surely be great.)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Payroll Softwares – Makes A Hard Day's Work Worth It

Whether a business conducts its own payroll or leaves the task to an outside company, either case requires a payroll system to organize it.

It's a simple economic fact: People need to get paid. If a payroll is done in an obscure or disorganized manner, great risks are being taken. These can range from something as petty as a slightly unfair difference in salaries to something as criminal as corporate tax evasion. Plenty of scandals that involve businesses big and small are the result of a sketchy and mishandled payroll.

Now how do payroll software developers help prevent these mistakes? Even if they did develop a software that efficiently monitors and organizes payroll, there's no guarantee that people will walk right up to them and ask for it.

A quick way would be outsourcing to a telemarketing firm that with an HR call center. These telemarketers boast a speedy and cost-efficient means of generating leads particularly for software developers. Their methods of cold-calling are aligned both to the expectations of their clients as well as the respect for privacy demanded by the public. Specialization in the field of telemarketing also assures a speedy delivery of fresh leads to help companies get ahead of their competitors.

Setting competition and profits aside, payroll software developers must still realize the important role their software plays in. It helps manage a company's financial resources, ensures the right amount of money goes to the right people, and maintains a just sense of order both on the private and public level. With the aid of of the right software contact center, they can do their part to make a hard day's work worth it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Software Sales Leads: The People Who Need Your Software

The market for software programming is as big as it is new. Who can blame it when computer software has a wide range of application? From the ERP software that manages entire corporations to the computer games played on weekend afternoons, software programming is everywhere.

However, like all other markets, its competitors will always face the age-old challenge of finding prospects. Whatever company that specializes in software production, they will eventually find themselves sailing towards a particular specialty. However, what makes that very crucial is it implies a search for prospects. Who would want what they have to offer? Who would make the greatest use of it? Which area of the market do they have the biggest knack for?

Prospects are an important factor in determining a company's profit potential. It opens the window to the kind of clients they would want to sell to.

One surprisingly popular way to generate leads is through a software telemarketing company. Such companies devote their entire resources to finding promising clients for businesses. They boast an accurate database that is constantly being refreshed with new information. Such constant maintenance lets them give their clients a chance with their competitors. Leads that are dried up are instantly replaced by new ones. Their agents are not afraid to save any company the trouble of personally contacting people on their behalf and making appointments. Their very purpose is to help companies speed up on their marketing campaigns to quickly turn their promising leads into profits.

A company that decides to try its own luck in finding leads could easily find itself increasingly frustrated at the vast areas they need to cover. Using a software call center is one fast way to cover all of that in record time and find the people a company can serve.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stabilize Supply Chains Via SCM Software Telemarketing

Supply chain management software plays an integral role in maintaining the structure of a supply chain. The very complexity of its network can be discerned by the individual components that make up its end product. And just like the product itself, a supply chain needs a strong system of organization to keep it together and keep it working. What SCM software developers try to do is to take that system and make an easier job out of managing it.

Now when a developer decides to market its software, some things need to be considered. For instance, industry can determine where the demand for SCM software is highest. Most likely the more complicated the end product (such as cars, laptops, or even just action figures), the more connections a company is going to make. The more connections a company makes with suppliers and retailers, the bigger the supply chain is going to be. And the bigger the supply chain, the more likely a company is going to need specialized software to monitor it all. Otherwise, just neglecting one link of the chain could lead to the whole network falling apart, chaotically at that.

Still, even with having an industry in mind, there's still a lot to cover. Some SCM software companies may find their software sales leads already pursued by their competitors. Other companies might decide to construct SCM software of their own. Whichever the case, coming up with fresh leads can be just as much a hassle as managing the supply chain itself.

Luckily, software telemarketing companies can act as a means to locate and contact prospects in very large numbers. An experienced telemarketing firm can boast a large and up-to-date database as well as a highly-trained team of agents that promise the most effective and cost-efficient means of lead generation. In our turbulent age that values both quality and speed, they're the people to go to.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Why Advertising Does Not Always Benefit B2B Leads

It's a basic, proven fact. Advertising is for the masses. In fact, this trait is even used by the very opponents of the practice. It is meant to indiscriminately broadcast a company's products and services to a vast number of people.

In other words, it's a classic B2C lead generator. The product is shown to everyone and for every person who even just glimpses it, there's a chance of them making an inquiry (thus, a lead).

It's not surprising then that this may not have the same results when pursuing B2B prospects. Business executives and decision makers are not like the masses. They are more critical, more calculating, and take a much longer time to make a choice than average person. The reason is obvious. The choice they make not only affects them but also their entire company. It's doubtful that they have time to pay attention to advertisements, no matter how eye-catching.

This is the reason why there are B2B-oriented businesses out there who still prefer to generate telemarketing leads than advertising ones. The widespread style of the latter can be too general when you want to show how your product addresses certain issues unique to an individual corporation's. An experienced telemarketer is actually better suited for contacting these important people and promote the client they represent in a manner that is both respectful and professional.

This is not to say that these executives are somehow arrogant, egotistical, or aloof but to show that appealing to them is appealing to the very company that they run. For example, if you're a company that's looking to market to Singapore businesses, you'd best outsource to a call center in Singapore with a database of who to contact instead of an advertising group who likely just have an ad for it in one of the city's large TV screens.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

B2B Lead Generation VS B2C Lead Generation

While the negative image of telemarketing is understandable, it can betray a lot of ignorance on the part of the general public. This is not so much as to offend you consumers out there, but you're not the only source of income for a business.

There are two kinds of business transactions in the business world. The one that is done with a customer paying money over a counter (or with his/her credit card) is generally called business-to-consumer (B2C). The other kind however, is something not easily noticed, even if it took the form of the trucks you see docking at the back of the mall.

Business-to-business (B2B) is the other thing that keeps all businesses up and running. They also involve larger exchanges of money and goods compared to B2C. Everything from purchasing supplies for an assembly line to selling construction vehicles can fall under B2B.

In fact, some businesses even go as far as being completely B2B-oriented. A good example is a software company that supplies other companies with ERP software solutions. These groups depend heavily on lead generation because gathering data on other businesses can be a more complicated mess than surveying customers.

With that said, telemarketing is one of the leading options for that sort of software lead generation. Some telemarketers in fact have set up bases in strategic locations all over the world, giving theme a wide coverage. For instance, a company that is based in Southeast Asia could offer good Asian business leads via a Singapore call center.

The negative image of telemarketing is now officially a straw man. If you've always hesitated outsourcing to one because of this straw man, then hesitate no more. Contact one now and see the truth for yourself.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Software Telemarketing Actually Benefits From Do-Not-Call Lists

Do-Not-Call lists like Australia's “Do Not Call Register” are often hailed as the bane of the telemarketing industry. What most people don't realize is that those very same lists can actually work to the benefit of the method they assume it destroys.

Let's use a telemarketing firm with an Australia call center as example. Now what kind of pushy, desperate business owner would resort to pressuring people on their telephones to purchase their software? Can't his people just put it up and advertise on the internet? First off, these questions are actually loaded with straw men.

Not all software is oriented for private consumers. Computer games and word processing applications aren't the only conveniences that software technology has come to provide in this day and age. They've gone much deeper than that in the form of other programs like the ones banks use to monitor accounts or in the enterprise planning software used heavily by many corporations.

Unfortunately, the people who are in need of this specialized software are pretty much specialized individuals themselves. They're usually somewhere from the middle to the top of the corporate ladder. In short, you can't just find these people anywhere. Sure, you can look through the phone book but that would only strike them as rather amateurish.

By consulting a Do-Not-Call list, a B2B software call centre can greatly refine its database and limit it strictly to business contacts for quality B2B leads. These lists are the big chunk of uninterested consumers that B2B telemarketers have always planned to rule out. If you're planning on outsourcing to a telemarketing firm for B2B leads, then consider these lists God-sent.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ERP Leads Help Catch Up With The Competition

The demand for good ERP software is a high one. As companies become increasingly global, expanding themselves beyond national boundaries, their structure balloons dangerously beyond the control of just manpower alone. From overseeing supply chains in different countries, to managing the payrolls of over thousands of employees, advanced ERP software has become a must-have for every multi-national corporation.

However, when there's an increase in demand, intense competition is not so far behind. ERP software companies are always in a race to provide quality products with the big money of corporations as the prize. As such,   ERP software manufacturers and resellers cannot afford to fall behind in generating ERP prospects.

Why are leads so important? Obviously, it's because they're a sign that someone is interested in what you have to offer. It's a sign that your products have their attention and have the potential to give them what they need. If you don't know how to make contact with these people, your software may not go anywhere (regardless of how top quality it is).

Now there are three things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to lead generation. The first two should be expected: quality and quantity. The third however is speed. And unlike the other two, speed is far easily neglected. Even if you manage to compile a long and promising list, it's worthless if you took too much time making it. The prospects on it could have long been dried up by your competitors.

A popular way of generating leads is outsourcing to a software contact center, particularly experienced in ERP telemarketing. Unlike companies who take the risks of generating leads on their own, telemarketing companies have invested more time, technology, and expertise to generating leads that are of fresh quality, in large numbers, and in short spans of time. Therefore, if you want to catch up to the competition, outsource to a telemarketing firm now before someone beats you to those leads as well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exercise Good Timing When Setting Up A Software Appointment

ERP software companies that decide on telemarketing should be aware that one of the basic requirements for successful cold-calling is timing. Whether you're conducting the campaign with your own personnel or outsourcing to another company, you'll need to keep this in mind. For the former, it's obviously to safeguard you from turning off your potential leads. For the latter, it's to help you identify the one that does the job right.

Now software companies like yours most likely make use of the web these days to deliver and promote your software to interested parties. Webinars are an increasingly popular trend that lets two businesses talk things out without the hassle of international travel expenses. Still, with all that technology, timing still plays an age-old role.

This is especially important if your lead coverage goes as far as the other side of the globe (like if your new target group is in Australia or you've outsourced to a firm with a software call centre telemarketing in Singapore). You'll need to know what time it is there or you could end up setting up meetings in the dead of the night. There's a reason why expert telemarketing offices have more than just one clock on the wall.

Cold-calling agents who have a sloppy habit with checking those clocks aren't going to take their campaign very far. And believe it or not, good time isn't even just about appealing to the prospect's schedule. It's also should appeal to yours so that you won't exhaust yourself as much as they would from waking up too early or staying up too late.

After all, since ERP software is a B2B-oriented market, you're going to have clients that are just as busy as they are open to buying. If you have your own team, tell them to keep that always in mind. If you're outsourcing, then find a telemarketing firm that quickly and firmly adheres to the schedule that you specify.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Generate B2B Leads for Accounting Software and Keep Money Flowing For Everyone

Money is the lifeblood of any business. It's the very reason why markets exist. Those with any knowledge on finances and accounting (be you an accountant or a developer of accounting software), will know that money flows through all important parts of a company and keeps those parts working.

Therefore, why are some providers of Accounting Software holding back in making leads? Their software can help improve such a vital circulation and prevent serious problems. Companies that persist in their sloppy accounting always end up with many scandalous issues and financial difficulties. From unpaid bills and exceeding budgets, to corporate tax evasion and corruption, these can be the result of simply a disorganized way a company handles its own money.

With the above information alone, you can already have an idea of what kind of companies to look out for. It's not that hard. Besides, even if you feel that you can't afford resources and manpower to improvise your search for more a specific accounting lead, there are services out there dedicated to the sole purpose of leads generation.

Telemarketing companies are the first to come to mind, especially those specializing in generating leads for ERP software providers. Such specialization means they are familiar with the ins-and-outs of things like accounting softwares and know how to find leads who are interested. Furthermore, they already come with a large database that their analysts can refine, saving themselves (and you), the trouble of getting a start.

Regardless of how you go about it, accounting is a critical component to keeping a company running, its employees working, and ultimately help monitor its growth. Generating leads for your accounting software can help companies who have stunted that growth and stabilize themselves to keep the cash flowing.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pick the Right Telemarketer For The Right B2B Leads

It's not surprising that some businesses still resort to outsourcing telemarketing companies for B2B leads. Unlike private consumers who have begun finding such marketing methods disruptive and invasive, business owners and other important management staff aren't immediately closed to offers that could help improve their own services.
And like all firms engaged in the lead generation market, they invest in what it takes to ensure that they only deliver the largest amount of quality leads to their clients. Their databases are filled with information with which they can already consult beforehand, sparing them a substantial amount of research time. Their agents are hired and trained to ask the right questions while always keeping in mind whatever you have specified.
A word of caution however. As there are many industries out there, there are just as many telemarketing companies experienced with each of them (some having expertise in more than the others). Such specialization affects the very things that make them good lead generators. A certain group focused on marketing car parts will have databases filled mostly with contacts in the automobile industry. Agents of a firm telemarketing to the agriculture industry will be trained how to talk to people such as farmers and ranchers. Those into software prospecting only know how to generate software sales leads.
Picking the wrong one could lead you with a lot less leads than you had hoped because the firm you outsourced to is not very familiar with your field. This can be frustrating especially in industries like computer engineering which are filled with so many sub-industries. Companies (such as those supplying ERP software for instance) should be strictly limit themselves to their telemarketing counterparts. Otherwise, they might accidentally be marketing their payroll programs to be video game developers in search of a game engine.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Telemarketing Leads Help Businesses Get Ready

When people get married, they get a wedding planner. That way, it saves them at least half the hassle of preparations such as making individual wedding invitations, hiring photographers, making reception arrangements etc. Such a half can then be used to prepare themselves mentally and spiritually for their momentous union.
In a sense it's the same with telemarketers and other businesses. For example, if you're a supplier of ERP software and you feel so confident in what you're company has, you might feel the pressure of making a good presentation as well as ensure the quality of the product. However, because you're so busy doing everything to those ends, you might not have enough resources to generate ERP sales leads for your business.
And you better believe it when other people warn you about generating leads with little experience. The time and money it would require to invest in a business database and to train personnel on how to sell your product could be monumental for a young company.
On the other end, even if you manage to get some leads, you still have to additionally train your people to keep the company's schedule in mind. Mishandling that could cost you every chance at a software appointment.
Outsourcing to a telemarketing firm that is familiar with your trade can save both you and your prospective clients that hassle (just like a wedding planner). They already have all the technology, professionals, and experience to make up for your own lack of them. Give them a try and that way you and your future clients can get ready to close a deal.

Monday, November 7, 2011

How Big Projects Can Be ERP Software Leads

In the business world, the large size in terms of undertaking a project is an automatic given. They consume large amounts of money, require a lot of manpower, and are a big consumption of other resources. Whether it's setting up a cellphone tower, constructing a mall, or developing a new prototype automobile, their costs all have something in common.

They're high.

It's no surprise then that developers of project management software are doing all they can to identify areas in which they can reduce and make more cost-efficient. Things such as estimating completion times, allocation of raw materials, and even communications are a mere few of the conveniences they provide. It's only logical to assume then that the demand for it is pretty high.

Unfortunately, you're not the only who has reached that conclusion. Your competitors have too. Therefore, it's easy to fall behind in pursuing a lead.

It's for this reason that some companies outsource to software telemarketing firms. Firms with a strong familiarity with ERP computer tools such as project management softwares are highly recommended. They're one of the few groups of people who have a database large enough and agents efficient enough to gather, analyze, and refine business information for fast (and quality) lead generation. They're all about learning what ERP software can do and know how to grant you appointments with the right people.

Remember, projects are big because they're meant to have long lasting benefits for a company's productivity. As such, competition will always be high for a client looking for a software that will make them more cost-efficient. Outsource to a telemarketing company now and avoid falling behind.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Outsourcing is Never a Mistake for ERP Lead Generation

ERP leads generation, or basically lead generation for enterprise resource planning software, should and always be left in the hands of experts. Simply put, programmers are known experts in developing computer applications whereas marketing representatives are professionals in the line of generating leads.

Question is, who are these professional lead generation representatives?

These highly skilled experts are deemed to be outbound telemarketers residing in software call centers. Although deemed as a nuisance to many, telemarketers are the key to an ERP software company's success towards marketing.

How is this possible?

Telemarketers within a software contact center are known to have amassed tons of experience talking to various prospects and leads from a wide array of markets. ERP software companies can target different industries, people with different professions, C-level business officials, and even different companies located in different countries.

For a more precise ERP lead generation campaign, software companies can also target more specific organizations like those located in manufacturing, healthcare, accounting, and all sorts of SMEs or even large corporations.

Their experience, along with their continuous training sessions, provide an ERP software company's lead generation campaign to be provided of quality leads along with meaningful appointments. Furthermore, there has been numerous accounts wherein software companies all over the globe have acquired leads that are of high quality and are also sales ready.

Outsourcing to professional telemarketers for one's software lead generation campaign is never a bad idea. One should not think of these outbound call center agents as a nuisance but a bridge that will connect the ERP software company to their financial goals.

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