Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Get a “YES” by making things easy for your Business Intelligence Leads

More often than not the decision maker’s objection pertains to their company’s lack of time and necessary resources to purchase and implement your product right now. It’s either they’re halfway through a major project, merging with another company, moving office, changing management, etc.

This can usually be overcome by making them understand how simple the installation process really is, how your company will train their people until they have mastered its use, or how making time to do this now can save them a huge amount of time later on. You will have an easier time resolving the issue if it’s mainly logistics by nature. The real problem is when the prospective client is up to his neck with other matters that requires his undivided attention. When this happens, there can never be a good time to even consider what you are proposing.

You can try the following approaches which may work during software lead generation:

Make your product relevant to his other priorities. Implementation will be a lot easier if you can convince the decision maker that your product will help him accomplish his other priorities sooner, saving him time and money. For instance, installing a new phone system will be easier if he buys your new computer system.

Offer a quick fix solution if possible. Major overhaul in organizations usually takes a toll on everyone from top to bottom. In hospitals for example who need to fix their system for an extended period greatly aggravates and puts their doctors in a lot of inconvenience. This is your chance to show him how purchasing your hospital software that is doctor-friendly can improve the situation in a reasonable amount of time, like a month or so.

Make a good impression with those having clout. If you can get to someone in the organization that has great charisma and influence, who can turn things around and rearrange company priorities- go for it. He is the best person to lobby your cause and convince the other decision makers to make the purchase.

Timing, reasonable pricing and payment plans, and talking to the right people when carefully planned and executed can increase your chances of getting in. When they know they can trust you and your product, you’re as good as sold.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lessons in Telemarketing From Speed Dating

Speed dating was created for the purpose of single people to meet other single people. Since partners are selected at random, there's no telling who you'd end up meeting during the event. One other thing is that rounds are short so you get to know your partner within just a few short minutes. In a way, we can liken speed dating to how we do outbound telemarketing.

In China, speed dating has been used for business purposes. Business people would meet each other to see whether they shared the same business goals and synergies. It was also quite a nifty tool to have focused private meetings with targeted groups in a small amount of time.

So what could lead generation campaigns done through telemarketing learn from speed dating? Well, here's a few ideas for you to digest.

Keep calling and you'll get lucky.

In speed dating you get the chance to meet all sorts of new people. One way or another you may just find someone you're going to be very compatible with. Basically put, you'll get lucky in the end and find somebody who's a match with you.

In doing telemarketing, even with a calling list in hand, you're never going to be sure if you're going to be landing a call with a prospect that gets interested in the products and services you offer right from the moment you mention them. As such, we can say that like in speed dating, keep calling and you're bound to get lucky.

Keep your conversations brief.

When you're moving from table to table in a speed dating event you really can't help but have to keep conversations brief because your time with your partners is limited. The same can be said when executing a cold calling campaign. Your time with your prospects is limited.

Keep in mind that the people you are calling are business professionals with schedules that probably filled with meeting after meeting (along with the occasional dental appointment); they can't afford to be stuck in a call with you unless it's quite important. Also, keeping your conversation brief allows you to say only what needs to be said about your products - medical software, hr software, payroll software, accounting software, scm software, SAP, Oracle, SAGE - and services. In the end, if your prospect wants to learn more, you're entitled to connect with them further.

Keep meeting new people.

Speed dating was originally created to help Jewish singles meet and marry. In a way, it can be said that telemarketing was created for the same thing – minus the part about marriage and religion of course. In generating software sales leads through telemarketing, you definitely have to keep calling new people in order to find interested prospects for your business. Pretty much like meeting dozens of new people through speed dating, eh?

See? Speed dating does have a few lessons which can be applied to outbound telemarketing. Keep calling, keep meeting new people and in the end you may just get lucky!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lead Generation Tips – Think Twice About B2B/B2C Labels

In lead generation, the line between B2B and B2C is conveniently clear most of the time. However, there will be moments when a new product that suddenly (and chaotically) blurs the line between the two. If your own software is such a product, it might feel like the very core of your company has just denied you the benefits of a well-defined lead generation strategy.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Appointment Setting Tips – When You're Snowed In, Plan!

Sometimes your appointment setting campaign can be in the exact same boat as a farmer or even a hunter. When winter comes, there is a lot less work getting done in the field as both game and grain are out for the season. Likewise, all your prospects seem to be either less interested or too preoccupied because of the holiday season.

Seasons Are Still Not Reasons For Zero Appointment Setting Activities

However, even farmers and hunters do something related to their trade regardless if a season works against them (or even traps them in its own blizzard). Your business should not be any less productive. There are a lot of other appointment setting tasks you can accomplish while waiting out the snowstorm.

  • Review the past year – Like all businesses, you can take the time to summarize your appointment setting performance for the entire year. How many software appointments did you generate each month? What tactics did you use? How much have you spent versus how many sales you made? These are just some of the common questions you can ask yourself and your subordinates when a season of cold interest in business software has frozen the usual appointment setting activities.

  • Do not neglect any current or incoming sales leads – Sometimes, even in the harshest winter, travelers could still be hurrying to places so as to finish up the last entries on their holiday shopping list. A part of appointment setting services should still be on standby in case a prospect like that makes a call. You may not be actively searching for any new B2B leads but that does not mean you should not be ready to serve. Qualifying and getting ready to serve them can still add something to your productivity.

  • Discuss what needs to be changed – What appointment setting strategies have you tried in the previous year? Which one of them worked and which one could have worked out better? Were particular methods, tools, or approaches of any help? A B2B appointment setting process can consist of numerous phases and a variety of communication channels. Not all of them can work for all businesses. The success of future appointment setting strategies could depend on what you discard as much as what you retain.

  • You could also just relax for a bit – If you have had a good year and the results of your current appointment setting campaign are not all too shabby. It is like a farmer who feels content with his harvest and is happily stocked up for the winter. Perhaps that is what your appointment setting services really need. When things are going well and the shortcomings are not worth straining everyone's holiday plans, why not take the time to slow down? You never know what kind of inspiration you will get after a small breather.

It would be very unrealistic to believe that ever factor in appointment setting is directly in your control. It is like the weather. You can predict it and prepare for it but you cannot manipulate it. Hence, when you are not getting a lot of software sales leads, start planning how to get more once the blizzard passes!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Locked-Up Lead Generation Contracts – Is It Any Good?

lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generation
Have you ever considered hiring a lead generation company? If you have, then you perhaps already know about how you need to go into contract with them. Of course, no business can occur between two companies without some written document stating that you two are indeed working together. However, did you know that a thing such as a contract could seriously hamper your progress and results?

We're all aiming to get some long-term business deals. A smart businessman knows that the best type of business is one that yields continuous profits. And what better way to secure a constant inflow of cash than with ensuring your business with one of your clients? Well, you're not the only one who's aiming to secure a long-term business contract with your prospects; your lead generation company seeks one with you as well.

So the question now is will a locked-up contract with my lead generation company affect me in any way? The answer is yes. The answer can also be either good or bad. So depending on what transpires, being limited to what you can do due to your contract may just mean something positive or negative for your company.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Improve Your Software Telemarketing Campaign

software telemarketing, software leads, telemarketing
Software companies that want to get more software leads often employ the use of software telemarketing into their marketing campaigns. As a lead generator, telemarketing remains to be among one of the best ways in which to acquire high-quality leads. However, results can vary and success with a telemarketing campaign is never assured.

One major reason as to why a telemarketing campaign fails is due to lack of preparation. In order for you to improve your software telemarketing campaign, you are going to have to make sure that you prepare for it before your campaign even starts. In order to help you out, this post will tell you about the key parts of your campaign which you need to look out to improve your results with using telemarketing to acquire software leads for your company.

As said in the opening paragraph of this post, success with telemarketing is never assured. However, you can make a difference just by making sure you are well-prepared before the launch of your campaign. So to help improve your software telemarketing campaign, here are the key areas which you need to take a look at.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Increase Software Lead Acquisition Through More Landing Pages

software leads, software sales leads, software lead generation
If you're a software company, then you must have a website, right (or not)? If you do not have one, then it is highly recommended that you get one up and running so that you can maximize your exposure, marketing efforts, and increase your chances at getting software leads. This post, however, is going to assume that you already have a website.

So on to our main topic: landing pages. These are the pages that you have in order to generate leads from search engine users and other online advertisements you have in place. The question now is... how many landing pages do you have?

We found this awesome post over at Hubspot that talks about why you need to create more landing pages. Read it full here. Seeing as it was really an excellent article, I decided to make it the basis of this one and how landing pages can help increase the rate at which you acquire high-quality software leads generated through an inbound marketing approach.

While we're on the general topic of software, you may already be well aware of the fact that you're playing with a difficult hand. Not that many people see the value in good software and it is hard to get more clients. Luckily, the fraction of the population that do not see the worth of software is but a small figure and you'll be pleased to know that a lot of people, your target prospects included, are in the market and looking for a good firm that really knows its chops! Want to know the value that landing pages have in generating software sales leads for you? If yes, then read on!

More variety in your offers.

One of the reasons as to why your marketing offers do not effectively generate software leads may be due to repetition. When you keep on doing something over and over it just becomes monotonous and eventually boring. You may not be converting any of your site visitors into leads because your offers lack variety.

Thankfully, you can remedy that through your landing pages. The more landing pages you have, the more variety you will be able to put into your offers.

More chances of conversion.

Some say that too much of a good thing is bad. Well, that really doesn't seem to be the case with landing pages. Actually, companies that have more landing pages have seen better lead acquisition rates than their counterparts that keep only a handful. And why is this? Well, this is due to the fact that you will have more chances to convert your site visitors into software leads! As said in the previous point, more variety in your offers helps in software lead generation. Combined with the effect of having more pages, you will have more offers that will appear before your prospects, and certainly more chances of visitor-to-lead conversion.

More segmentation opportunities.

It is always easier to determine your approach when you know about your buyer personas. As such, segmentation makes it easier to deal with certain leads that need a certain way of handling, or for us to be able to gauge how far along the buying cycle they are already on. More landing pages allows you to create more segment-specific content which you can use to not only generate more leads but also to determine the different buyer personas of your audience as you generate more software leads.

Now you know the benefit that having more landing pages can bring about for your software company. Do you want to maximize your use of inbound marketing to generate leads for your business? If so, then let it be known that more landing pages can help you out!
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